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Our specialty at NICHEdg is creating custom environments.  Timeless, casually sophisticated interiors that function just as well as they look is what we deliver with each Design in a Box ("DIB").  By combining key design elements, the ideal floor plan, and introducing improved functionality, we will help you transform your space.  We will listen to your needs and challenges and create custom solutions based on your specific design style and how you aspire to live in your residence. 


Our simple and convenient process allows us to collaborate on your project while guiding you through our virtual design experience.  While working together, we will create a custom design for your space(s), source all furnishings, decor, and materials, and provide you with solutions to your design challenges.  At the end of our design journey, you will receive a complete kit, including everything required to install your custom design.  

The Design in a Box is favored by our clients who wish to benefit from our expertise, guidance, and creative design.  The virtual service is also popular with DIYers, renters, homeowners, real estate investors, short-term rental specialists seeking an easy-to-install custom design.  Our various package options accommodate an array of project needs and budgets.  We accept projects with clients throughout the United States and abroad

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The project engagement is Phase I of our virtual design process.  During this phase, you will review our design package options to determine which one is ideal for your project, needs, and budget.  Select your design package, reserve your project online, and submit your details.


Our map below will help you determine which virtual service package is right for you.  Select each button below to learn more and get started. 

Together we will create your perfect NICHE.  


The next step

Once your project is engaged, your design experience will officially begin.  We will contact you to start working on your custom concepts within two (2) business days.  In 4 - 6 weeks, which is the average time clients need to complete the process, you can install your incredible new design!


We look forward to creating your perfect NICHE.